Plans for 2022

As we enter the New Year, we are feeling quite blessed in so many ways. 2021 hasn’t necessarily been the easiest year for us, we see God’s working even in difficult times. We know that for many of you as well it has been a trying year. We pray for those suffering from loss and uncertainty be comforted by God and sustained in the coming year.

As of our last update, Tabi was working on translating Jack Cottrell’s commentary on Romans. She is still working on that. She still sings in our church meetings.

As of our last update, Mike was teaching classes online and continues as an elder in the local church and shares in the preaching with Jaime Escobar, with each preaching about 50% of the time. This continues to be the case.

As of our last update, Lydia was in kindergarten. She did great (as expected) and loved going to school.  Next year she will be attending a virtual school for first grade, and we are sure she will do well with this too.

As of our last update, Caleb was getting lots of testing done. The results of a genetic study sent off to Germany came back with a diagnosis. Caleb has a genetic condition called Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome. We had never heard of it. So, if you haven’t, you aren’t alone! It is a rare condition affecting less than 1 in 100,000. We had to do a bunch of follow-up testing such as EKG, ultrasounds, ECG, MRI and blood work. So far, the results of those are good. He mainly is showing behavioral issues and delays in language and development. We are seeing occupational and speech therapists and searching for the best strategies to help him advance as much as he can.

Our church is back to fully in-person. We are trying to get back to the pre-pandemic format we used, where there was a light breakfast served and we sit at tables during the service, to encourage fellowship and seeing the faces of our brothers and sisters in the church instead of the back of their head. We still transmit on Zoom for members or visitors who need that for some reason (quarantines, health, distance). But absent a good reason, we ask people to make the effort to be present and experience Christian fellowship, believing that to be an important part of the Christian walk.

We hope to get back to some in-person studies and classes and to be able to travel and get together with people. We ask for continued prayer as Chile writes a new constitution that should be finished this year and then there will be a vote to approve or reject the new constitution. If rejected, the current one will remain in effect. Chile could use a lot of prayer for peace in the political realm, with regards to increasing crime, and some terrorist groups operating in the last few years, which seem to be getting bolder over time.

As of our last update we hoped to be in the US in the second half of 2022, and we still hope to do this. We will be working on scheduling church visits and planning our time in the US. If you or your church would like to get together with us between July and November, please let us know.

Of course, we are not Paul and our sufferings don’t compare but this passage expresses well my desire to continue serving the Lord and the church to help Christians reach maturity and to help current leadership and assist with the training of new leaders.

Now I rejoice in my sufferings for your sake, and in my flesh I am filling up what is lacking in Christ’s afflictions for the sake of his body, that is, the church, of which I became a minister according to the stewardship from God that was given to me for you, to make the word of God fully known, the mystery hidden for ages and generations but now revealed to his saints. To them God chose to make known how great among the Gentiles are the riches of the glory of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory. Him we proclaim, warning everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom, that we may present everyone mature in Christ. For this I toil, struggling with all his energy that he powerfully works within me. (Col 1:24-29)

Resources and Ways You Can Help During Quarantine

Coronavirus in Chile

A brief update from Chile:

Some have been wondering about and asking about how things are in Chile with regards to the Coronavirus.
I preface all my comments saying that I am not a medical expert, just a regular person trying to do the best I can.
Coronavirus is in Chile. As I write there are over 150 confirmed cases. No one knows how many more may be present but not confirmed. All told, that is a much lower number than in many countries. Chile has taken a number of steps such as cancelling all schools for 14 days, closing all borders, and prohibiting meetings of more than 50 people (that number started at 500 and keeps getting lower). More recently, the president declared a 90-day state of emergency, allowing him to deploy military, freeze prices, restrict movement, impose curfews, and so forth. He has not elaborated on exactly what measures will be taken except that the military will be used at border crossings and to protect infrastructure.
As some of you may recall, back in October of last year, Chile experienced severe civil unrest with protests, clashes with police, riots, looting, and vandalism. Some supermarkets were burned to the ground. Most subway (metro) stations were damaged, some quite badly. Public buses were also a frequent target. In the following months, and up to the present, there are problems several nights a week. Just last week, while driving home I drove up on a flaming barricade on the route that I usually take because I was later than usual (about 11PM). Another day recently as I was going to the pharmacy, I saw police clashing with a group of students, while a block away (I later learned) a group attacked the municipal building, trapping the public inside. Given that things are so volatile here, the president’s actions are probably necessary to protect critical infrastructure and supply lines.
Our church met last Sunday as usual (but with more hand sanitizer and disinfectant sprays) with good attendance and one baptism! We did that because there were only a dozen confirmed cases in Chile at that time and none in our area. We will be evaluating future church services and my classes as we see how things develop and it is likely that we will have to suspend in-person meetings. I am currently experimenting with options like Zoom, Facebook live, Youtube live, Vimeo, etc. to figure out the best (and hopefully free) way to conduct classes and other meetings.
We are seeking to be wise in our conduct and to respect the requests of public health officials to help limit the spread of this virus, while we pray that God will help us to continue to shine His light in the darkness.

Unhelpful Helpfulness


Written by Tabi

We washed the car today, Lydia and I.  It looks . . . pretty nice, actually.  We used old rags and water, and wiped away all the dirt and grime.  Lydia took the bottom and I took the top.  After a while, she dragged a step stool over and started cleaning higher up.  Here’s the thing, though.  After a while, the water got grimy, and even though we changed it out, she doesn’t quite have the patience or ability to clean the rags out thoroughly.  The water just wasn’t as clean, so the car wasn’t as clean.  After we scrubbed it down, I washed the windows.  I used special cleaner.  I used a special cloth.  You could see through them and they sparkled.  And then along came Lydia, to help me.  She took her grimy rag and rubbed it over every window.  Where once it had sparkled, now there was dirty water that, when they dried, left dirt on the window.  *sigh*  I’ll wash them again later.

She actually does this a lot.  She’s at an age where she wants to help, and don’t get me wrong!  I love it.  It’s super sweet.  What it isn’t . . . is helpful.  She’s not quite at the age where she can follow all of my instructions, and even when she can, she has a hard time really paying attention to what I say.

But then I realized.  Isn’t that just like us?

I mean, here’s God, cleaning us up spic-and-span, and making saints of us.  Then along we come with our own ideas about morality, saying, “Hey God!  I’m gonna help you clean this up.  I’ll make it better.”  Except we don’t.  Because our righteousness is dirty rags, and God’s righteousness is perfect.

I’m reminded of the promise God made Abraham.  That he would have too many descendants to count.  And after a while, Abraham and Sarah decided to help God out.  Things got a little messy.

So here’s my take-away.  Let’s stop telling God that we know better than He does.  Do what He told you to do, the way He told you to do it.  Let His Spirit do a good work in you, and continue the sanctification that began on the day you were baptized.



Warning: Sappiness ahead.  You have been warned.
Written by: Tabi






They met at college.  He was shy.  She, most definitely, was not.

She spotted him sitting contentedly on his own in a corner of the cafeteria, and crashed into his life with all the grace of an excited puppy.

Bam!  She slammed her tray down in front of him.  “You’re sitting all by your lonesome self, and I’m not going to let you do that!” she announced, and promptly sat down in front of him.  Thus a friendship was born.

Mike and Tabi 2006
She ain’t lettin’ this one go!

They were friends for a year before she asked him out.  They dated a year before he asked her to marry him.  And year after that, they married.

Carl and Ellie
Oops.  Wrong picture.  Sorry.  It’s the next one.

Mike and Tabi Wedding
Ah, there we go.

They had decided from the beginning that they would be missionaries.  Where, though?  She was from Mexico, but she wanted somewhere foreign.  He told her all the stories of his internships in Chile, and that’s where they decided to go.  It took them three years of support-raising to reach the point where they could go.

Mike and Tabi

They celebrated four years of marriage in their first year in Chile.  (It was quite the adventure.  Ask us to tell you the story next time you see us.)

Four years!

Then, they celebrated 8 more.

There have been ups and there have been downs.  They’ve lived through earthquakes, blackouts, riots, travels, disappointments, joys, and laughter.  Their ministries have grown, their family has grown, and their love has, too.


Why post this on our blog?  Well, we are very happy to have reached 12 years of marriage.  Furthermore, we are thankful to have the great blessing of living and working in Chile.  And that’s all thanks to our supporters.  We thank you for being a part of our big adventure and ministry here in Chile.  We hope for many more years of this partnership.  And, until next time, God bless!

Blessings from the Boyce family!

Rough Roads Ahead


Written by: Tabi

Sometimes, when you face obstacles on your journey, it is that you may see the Lord clear the way before you.

March and April have been emotional months for us.

On Wednesday, March 14th, Mike’s father passed away suddenly.  It was a big blow to the entire family.  He was the kind of man you dream about having in a family.  Kind, caring, loyal, patient.  A good man, loved by almost everyone who knew him.

RIP.  Craig Boyce, loving husband and father.

We decided to fly up as soon as possible.  There was one setback, though– although we had begun the process to get Caleb’s passports (he has dual citizenship), we had not received them yet.  We spent all of Thursday explaining our situation to the proper channels and asking for expedited processing.  Thankfully, they complied, but couldn’t get us his Chilean passport until after the weekend.

We talked as a family, and decided that it was best for Mike to fly up that evening and spend as much time with his mother as possible.  We filed the paperwork necessary for me to travel alone with the kids (Chile has laws preventing parents from travelling alone with their children, to prevent kidnapping).  Buying the tickets was going to be a heavy blow to our budget, but it didn’t matter.  A close friend of Mike’s sent a message: “Let me and my family buy your tickets.”  I have rarely seen Mike so deeply moved, and this one one of those rare moments.

We bought the ticket and he flew out that night.  I stayed with the kids, for the weekend.  I’ll skip over the anxious days and several frustrating “not ready today” moments, straight to Monday.

Mike, on the airplane, ready to fly out.

I had read that morning that there was a big protest holding up traffic on the highway and delaying travel.  I hoped it all cleared up by the time I left that evening.  I called to see if the passport was ready.  The answer was a resounding NO.

I cried, and prayed, and cried some more.  I called to cancel my ticket, because they had assured me it would be ready on Monday.  I felt like we were facing obstacle after obstacle, and all I wanted was to have my family together.  Please God, just give me this.  My own spirit challenged me.  What if He says NO?  I pondered the question.  Reluctantly, I handed over my will.  I’m not happy about it, Lord, but I’ll take whatever You decide.

And around 4:00 PM, they called again.  “It’s ready.”

IMG_20180319_191751892 (2)
Caleb’s passport, at last!

Overjoyed, I hurried off to retrieve it, and called to re-book the flight.  It was too late.  I would have to fly out Tuesday night.  No matter.  We had the passports, and our family would be together again.  I remembered then, about the protest.  Good thing you didn’t have to travel today.  It would have been very difficult to get there in time.

Tuesday evening, my friend Sara drove us to the airport.  She arrived much too early, but we went anyway, thinking a little extra time wouldn’t be such a terrible thing.  At the airport, we ran into Jim Hurley (a missionary friend), who was there to drop his parents off for their flight.  We commented on the coincidence, took some pictures, and continued on our way.

Sara, making silly faces with Caleb.

When Sara headed back home, I went ahead and started to go through security.  A little extra time spent inside the airport wouldn’t be too bad.  And that’s when I realized . . . I had forgotten the paperwork clearing me to travel alone with kids back at home.

I cried, and prayed, and cried some more.  I sent some messages to Mike, and he calmed me down.  I ended up calling our neighbor and close friend, Malli, who sent her son to our house to pick up the paperwork.  They called an Uber to take him to the airport.  Back at the airport, I paced nervously, waiting for news.  I berated myself and my forgetful brain, prayed some more, and paced some more.  Each minute that ticked by meant that we got closer to missing our flight.  Good thing Sara showed up too early.

I called again.  The Uber driver had refused to go to the airport, so they had called another one.  More minutes ticked by.  “He’s on his way” texted Malli.  One knot gone from my stomach, but he still had to arrive.  I prayed for no traffic, and no delays.  I got another message.  “The Uber driver refused to go into the airport, so my son is running up from the entrance to get to you.”  Mike suggested I see if Jim was still around.  I found him still at the airport, just getting ready to leave.  I asked if he would watch Lydia while I ran out to meet up with Malli’s son.  He did, and I ran to the entrance.  Good thing Jim just happened to be there when you needed him to be.

“Look who I found at the airport!”

I met up with Malli’s son and got the papers, thanked him profusely, and ran back inside.  I picked up Lydia, thanked Jim profusely, and we hurried into security.  They took the papers and the rest of the process went smoothly.  When we arrived at the gate, the agent waved us in, because it was time to board.  We made it in the nick of time.

Lydia, looking at the plane we’re about to board.

Once we were situated in our seats, I heaved a deep, deep sigh.  Gratitude, relief, and wonder filled me.  I realized then that, even if God had, indeed, said NO to this trip, I would have been all right.  But I was grateful for His help every step of the way, and for each “coincidence” that got me to this moment.

On the airplane at last!

We arrived in Pittsburgh on Wednesday afternoon.  The reunion with Mike was tender, and long-awaited.  For Lydia, the joy of rejoining her Papa was added to when she saw the beautiful and fresh SNOW.  And though it was probably not a blessing for many, for our little family, it was the promise of God’s pure and gracious provision for His beloved children.

P1390808 (1)
The beautiful SNOW!

Dolled Up and Dapper

An Update on the Boyces

Written by:

I was noticing that, unless you follow either of us on Facebook, you have heard virtually nothing from us since October!  It’s time to correct that.  So, hold onto your hats, because we’re going for a fun ride!


Some friends of ours asked me to take some engagement pictures of them.  I gladly obliged!

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Noche de Luz (or Night of Light)
Lydia participated in a church event called Night of Light as an alternative to Halloween.  She went as Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  Caleb went as Tigger.

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Reformation Day 2017
Starting back in August, I began posting the 95 Theses that Martin Luther nailed to the door.  I posted the last one on October 31st.  I made pictures out of them, so that they were visually engaging.  You can see the full series here.

The Institute
The institute was in full swing, with regular students and four teachers.  Every Tuesday and Thursday night.  Please visit the Facebook page to see more about it!

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I was invited to be an interpreter for a guest preacher at ICM.

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Fourteen Lessons on Grace
I finished translating a series I’ve been working on for a while now: Dr. Cottrell’s Fourteen Lessons on Grace.  If you are a Spanish-speaker, or know someone who is and want to recommend it, you can find the whole series here.

The Institute and Work
Classes continued.  Students attended pretty faithfully.  Mike also worked at his office three days a week, busy writing courses, contacting churches, and filming promotional materials for the Institute.  You can see the videos he and Habacuc Díaz have made together on the Institute’s YouTube Channel.  Check it out!

The Zoo
Mike and I purchased year passes to the zoo, so that we can take our kids regularly.  It has been a great and educational experience for Lydia.  While Mike works at his office, my main work is to be a mother.  You can see more about how my day goes here.  Some days, I take the kids to the zoo.  Mike has gone a few times, too, when the Institute is on summer break.  Here are some pictures I’ve taken at the zoo, the days that we do go.

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Leadership Retreat
Mike went on another retreat with just a few other men, to give them classes about Bible and leadership.  They spent a couple of days at the beach in study, prayer, and fellowship.

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Mike is invited to preach fairly often.  I’m listing it in December, but here’s a compilation of the various churches Mike has preached at.

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We spent Christmas Eve with our church group.  Lydia tried out her Christmas presents and made cookies.

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New Church in Lomas de Mirasur
Together with our neighbors and friends, Jaime and Malli, we began a work in our neighborhood.  At this point, the start-up church is meeting on Wednesdays.  We ask that you pray that this work be to the honor and glory of God.

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Our friends, Todd and Dany, got married!  Congratulations to them!  Incidentally, Dany is my future partner in the project of opening up the café.  I hope to write an update about her in the future, so you can get to know her a little more.

Family Retreat Las Peñas
Each year, Jaime and Malli organize a retreat at a retreat center up in the skirts of the Andes.  It’s a time to rest, fellowship, and spend time with family and friends.  Each year, Mike preaches one of the sermons.  This year, I did a workshop on rock painting.  People loved it!  I hope to do this again.  Each year there is also a clown troupe that does a show for the kids.  It’s wonderful, because they teach a Bible lesson in a fun and active way.

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And that brings us to:

With school on summer break, and everything in Santiago basically grinding to a halt because of vacation time, we’ve also taken a little time off.  Mike still goes to his office to work, but only twice a week.  And we took a couple of days to go to the beach.  Mike still managed to squeeze in an opportunity to teach at a camp for a day, but we’ve taken things at a slower pace, besides that.  Everything is scheduled to speed back up in March.

We ask for prayers for all of Mike’s ministries, and that I will be able to continue to find time to translate, since my blog traffic is holding steady.  We thank God for your ongoing support, and for all of you who have checked up on us regularly.  Thank-you, and may the Lord bless you!

In Him,

Mike and Tabi Boyce
(also Lydia and Caleb)


*Note: Original photos for the “Dressed and Dapper” photo, and the one where we’re dancing were taken by Donoso Carlhos.

* Note:  Original photos at the end of the blog were taken by Abraham Alarcón.

August 2010 Newsletter

Hello to all our brothers and sisters in Christ,

What a blessing it is to be able to serve our Lord! We are glad to be under His care and to be part of His Kingdom. We are grateful to God for each of you and for prayers that you send up on our behalf.

We are here in the middle of the Chilean winter. Temperatures in the winter here get down around freezing at night, and commonly up to the 50’s in the days. A lot is happening this winter that we are happy to be able to share.


Our street floods when it rains.

Tabi’s work is progressing. She has been helping some other missionaries who have a media studio. She is learning a lot from them and has some upcoming projects with them, such as a conference in Buenos Aires in September. She will be working with her brother to design a website for our ministry and will be putting together a VBS packet for churches in the US. She has some projects for the church here that she has completed, such as a short video for the children’s Sunday that we had recently. Some other churches have expressed interest in her work as well. She has a good start and, as we all expect, everybody here enjoys getting to know her.

Mike is in the preaching rotation and is continuing to make progress in his Spanish. His preaching in Spanish still isn’t quite as fluid as in English, but is getting better and people in the congregation can now understand the majority of what he is trying to communicate. Of course, God’s Word is powerful and effective, even if the preacher mispronounces a word here and there! After his sermon on July 25th, two people came forward to ask to be baptized! Mike still works in the Sunday School program with a Chilean named Ivan. They meet together weekly to prepare a lesson plan and co-teach the class Sunday morning. The class is currently going through 1 Corinthians. In addition to preaching, Mike helps plan the sermon topics and themes for the local church, meeting with the leaders. This year’s theme is Spiritual Maturity. In addition to the church work, Mike is still coordinating contacts with people interested in Christian education in Chile. We schedule at least one Sunday per month to visit a different church to try to build new contacts and relationships. Mike will be going to a gathering of Christian Church leaders a few hours south of Santiago in August.


Things are going well in terms of health. We are feeling more and more at home here. We have lots of good friends here in Chile and enjoy spending time with them. It is nice to feel “at home” in our little apartment.



Mike & Tabi Boyce


Prayer Requests


  • Continued Spanish and culture learning
  • Relationship building
  • Spiritual growth for us; also wisdom and discernment
  • That God will utilize us for His Church
  • Ministry progress

May 2010 Newsletter

Hello everyone.

Blessings from Chile. We haven’t sent out an update since letting you all know that we were okay following the earthquake. Things have been busy and good. The number of things we’ve been a part of since being here in Chile seem astounding to me. We have helped in English Club in a school and another one for adults. Both English Clubs are once-a-week ministries here. We help out once in a while.

English Club at the middle-school.

We did a one-week youth retreat back in January that went well. Mike got to teach youths from the church some basic doctrine and Tabi filmed and photographed the retreat as well as talking to the kids about developing and using artistic abilities for the Kingdom. Seeing the youth make genuine progress was rewarding.

The young people who went to Tropa 29.

We also have gone through the earthquake and taken relief trips to help after the earthquake. Mike met with church leaders and missionaries and made them aware of IDES so that they could help more. Following the earthquake we have also created a Facebook page for the Christian Churches and Churches of Christ in Chile. As ongoing earthquake relief progresses, we are hoping and praying that this Facebook page can become a means by which churches and missionaries can coordinate work and resources, so that Kingdom work can be done as effectively and efficiently as possible. The earthquakes have “thrown a wrench in the works” as they say. Lots of things we had planned pretty much got put on hold for a month or more. It was good that we did not have a lot of obligations yet, which left us free to help others with immediate needs.

A young man holds up Chile's flag.

From Mike: Unfortunately, the Bible Institute plans that I had have not materialized as planned. In fact, to the best of my knowledge the Bible Institute that I was planning on helping is nonfunctioning at this point. I am, therefore, using my gifts in other ways – still with the goal of training and equipping future church leadership, especially in the areas of Bible and Doctrine. At the moment I am planning on offering weekend seminars at Christian Churches and Churches of Christ throughout the country. This will give me the opportunity to polish my Spanish (which has been coming along quite well, I think), teach and train, as well as gaining recognition among the churches. I am hoping to build on the seminars in the future. I have been looking to plug into some work already started, but have not found any among the Restoration Movement churches yet – though my contacts are still limited. I am praying about and considering possibly starting a Bible Institute at some point in the future. Meanwhile, in the local congregation I am helping with coordination of Home Group themes, creating Sunday School lessons for the adult Sunday School and helping with the teaching, entering the preaching rotation, and participating in various other coordination efforts in the church. I am also offering to guest preach at other churches. In fact, May 16th was my first guest preaching outside of our local congregation. In addition, I am monitoring the Facebook page and trying to extend it to be an aid to unity among the churches. So far it has 90 or so “followers” from various parts of Chile.

From Tabi: Although there have been some delays, I am now working with Jim Thurston (another missionary with a media studio) who will be helping to further train me to go out and start my own studio. Jim Thurston has two extensive websites, on which he posts news stories, articles, interviews, music, videos, and events. I work with him two days a week, during which time he talks to me about the logistics of setting up a media studio. His son, Paul Thurston, knows a great deal about technology. He gives me suggestions for what to buy, and what kind of equipment would be best to have. I’ve been editing a video lately. I didn’t realize how much I had forgotten from college! Fortunately, most of it is coming back to me quickly. Besides this work, I have enjoyed playing hostess to guests who come to our home, am helping teach the 5th – 7th graders at church, and have been doing odd jobs here and there in the graphic design area. I’ve been kept pretty busy, and that has been exciting and fun. I’m looking forward to what God has in store for me and for Mike.

We thank God for all the prayers for us and the people here following the earthquake. What a blessing all of the encouragement that we received was! Our God is good and wise and loving and powerful. The earthquake was a good reminder of what a firm belief in our Lord Jesus Christ can do. Following the earthquake many people panicked. They no longer felt safe in their own homes. Yet, during the earthquake we knew that come what may, we had nothing to fear although we didn’t know what physical harm may come. Rather, we know that we had placed our hope in our Lord and Savior. Our sins have all been forgiven, and we can rest assured of God’s grace. What a blessing that assurance is (kind of reminds me of a hymn)! So, in the midst of so much fear, we could calmly be a light as we sat outside in the middle of the night conversing with our frightened neighbors. When we went to the earthquake zone (within 10 miles of the epicenter), we had no fear. Our lives are, as always, in God’s hands. We never have any assurance of what this life will bring, except that God will be true to any promise He has made. As He has blessed us in so many ways, including through your prayers, may He continue to bless all of you, richly.


Mike & Tabi Boyce