Warning: Sappiness ahead.  You have been warned.
Written by: Tabi






They met at college.  He was shy.  She, most definitely, was not.

She spotted him sitting contentedly on his own in a corner of the cafeteria, and crashed into his life with all the grace of an excited puppy.

Bam!  She slammed her tray down in front of him.  “You’re sitting all by your lonesome self, and I’m not going to let you do that!” she announced, and promptly sat down in front of him.  Thus a friendship was born.

Mike and Tabi 2006
She ain’t lettin’ this one go!

They were friends for a year before she asked him out.  They dated a year before he asked her to marry him.  And year after that, they married.

Carl and Ellie
Oops.  Wrong picture.  Sorry.  It’s the next one.
Mike and Tabi Wedding
Ah, there we go.

They had decided from the beginning that they would be missionaries.  Where, though?  She was from Mexico, but she wanted somewhere foreign.  He told her all the stories of his internships in Chile, and that’s where they decided to go.  It took them three years of support-raising to reach the point where they could go.

Mike and Tabi

They celebrated four years of marriage in their first year in Chile.  (It was quite the adventure.  Ask us to tell you the story next time you see us.)

Four years!

Then, they celebrated 8 more.

There have been ups and there have been downs.  They’ve lived through earthquakes, blackouts, riots, travels, disappointments, joys, and laughter.  Their ministries have grown, their family has grown, and their love has, too.


Why post this on our blog?  Well, we are very happy to have reached 12 years of marriage.  Furthermore, we are thankful to have the great blessing of living and working in Chile.  And that’s all thanks to our supporters.  We thank you for being a part of our big adventure and ministry here in Chile.  We hope for many more years of this partnership.  And, until next time, God bless!

Blessings from the Boyce family!