August 2010 Newsletter

Hello to all our brothers and sisters in Christ,

What a blessing it is to be able to serve our Lord! We are glad to be under His care and to be part of His Kingdom. We are grateful to God for each of you and for prayers that you send up on our behalf.

We are here in the middle of the Chilean winter. Temperatures in the winter here get down around freezing at night, and commonly up to the 50’s in the days. A lot is happening this winter that we are happy to be able to share.


Our street floods when it rains.

Tabi’s work is progressing. She has been helping some other missionaries who have a media studio. She is learning a lot from them and has some upcoming projects with them, such as a conference in Buenos Aires in September. She will be working with her brother to design a website for our ministry and will be putting together a VBS packet for churches in the US. She has some projects for the church here that she has completed, such as a short video for the children’s Sunday that we had recently. Some other churches have expressed interest in her work as well. She has a good start and, as we all expect, everybody here enjoys getting to know her.

Mike is in the preaching rotation and is continuing to make progress in his Spanish. His preaching in Spanish still isn’t quite as fluid as in English, but is getting better and people in the congregation can now understand the majority of what he is trying to communicate. Of course, God’s Word is powerful and effective, even if the preacher mispronounces a word here and there! After his sermon on July 25th, two people came forward to ask to be baptized! Mike still works in the Sunday School program with a Chilean named Ivan. They meet together weekly to prepare a lesson plan and co-teach the class Sunday morning. The class is currently going through 1 Corinthians. In addition to preaching, Mike helps plan the sermon topics and themes for the local church, meeting with the leaders. This year’s theme is Spiritual Maturity. In addition to the church work, Mike is still coordinating contacts with people interested in Christian education in Chile. We schedule at least one Sunday per month to visit a different church to try to build new contacts and relationships. Mike will be going to a gathering of Christian Church leaders a few hours south of Santiago in August.


Things are going well in terms of health. We are feeling more and more at home here. We have lots of good friends here in Chile and enjoy spending time with them. It is nice to feel “at home” in our little apartment.



Mike & Tabi Boyce


Prayer Requests


  • Continued Spanish and culture learning
  • Relationship building
  • Spiritual growth for us; also wisdom and discernment
  • That God will utilize us for His Church
  • Ministry progress

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