Snow in Santiago

By: Tabi

Lydia looks at the snow.

It snowed in Santiago.  It does snow occasionally in the parts of Santiago that are nearest to the Andes, but I’m told it hasn’t snowed like this in the rest of Santiago in 40 years.  Although it knocked out our power for the rest of the day, it was still nice to watch.  The city of Santiago, though, is not equipped to handle snow.  There were quite a few car accidents, lots of smashed plants, fallen branches, and slippery streets.

The snow crushed and broke our canopy, and may have killed off our poor lantana.  Nevertheless, it looked nice.
The cacti in the front yard seemed to do just fine, though.
Fallen branches and leaves littered our street.
By the time nighttime came around, things got pretty dark.  We pulled out our emergency lights and used those until the power finally came back on, around 8PM.



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