Three Days to Rest

P1340408 (2)

We took a short trip about 6 hours north of Santiago, to take a rest.  Mike has been working very hard with the institute and the church, working several days a week at his office, and working late hours.  And we all needed some exclusive family time.

We went to La Serena and Coquimbo, which are two beach towns, side by side.  The climate is desert, though, so it was interesting to see that mix.

P1340262 (2)

Mostly, we just strolled around town and visited the beach.  It was a very relaxing trip.

P1340441 (2)

P1340477 (2)

P1340320 (2)

We took the long way back home and found this beautiful cross at just the perfect time of day!

P1340654 (2)

We arrived home refreshed and ready to continue with work.  We are thankful for the chance to get out for a few days and enjoy God’s great creation, and human creations, too!

P1340572 (2)

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