What a Trip

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Written by:  Tabi

My daughter is three years old.  She’s at the age where she likes to experiment, to test limits, and to learn about life through experience.  I’m a big advocate of allowing children to learn through experience and consequences.

A while back, I bought a pair of shoes for her.  They’re much too big, so I put them away for later.  Today, she found them.  Instantly enamored, she begged (and begged and begged) me to let her wear them.  Finally, I decided to let her do it.

Just outside our house, she tripped and fell.  She cried.  I picked her up and asked if she wanted me to change her shoes.  She wiped her face and shook her head.  “No.”  So we continued our walk.  The whole time we were out, she spent the time tripping and falling.  She had to move slowly, and not run like she loves to do.  But every time I’d ask if she wanted to change her shoes, the answer remained the same.  “No.”

And here’s my question for you today– do you have anything in your life that’s making you trip and fall?

Do you have anything that’s hindering your relationship with God?  Maybe it’s not a bad thing.  Maybe it is.

Is there any hindrance in your life that you cling to, because you like it, because it makes you feel special, because it makes you feel good?

Is there anything in your life that God has asked you to give up, because you’re not ready for it yet?

Is there any great desire that you have, any blessing that you yearn for so bad it hurts, and hurts, and hurts?

Is there anything in your life that’s slowing you down.  Preventing you from running ahead, from soaring high, keeping you from being truly free?

Maybe you’ll get to have it in the future.  Maybe not.  I’m not God, and I don’t know all the blessings He wants to give you.  But I do know that sometimes, we have things (habits, behaviors, hobbies, loves, addictions) that come between us and unhindered joy.  And if we could begin the process of letting go, we’d find out it’s easier to follow God.

What will you shoes today?  (Gosh, that was bad.  Sorry.)

Choose freedom.  And life.

Choose God.

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