Newsletter: July 2018

It’s nice to read about exciting things happening, and big events.  Most of life, however, is made up of the small moments strung together, of the daily toils adding up to a life that July 2018reflects Him.  It is the many links that form a strong chain.  We have had some exciting events in the last few months, but we have also had many days where we continue chipping away at our missions.

Mike does a lot of work preparing courses, classes, sermons, and devotionals.  He also teaches and preaches, as well as recording a podcast.  Tabi continues to translate and tend to the various websites associated with the mission.   She has recently also begun having a Bible study with a friend, and has participated more actively in the women’s ministry at Iglesia de Cristo Maipo.

The Institute

The Institute had a good start, but has met with challenges.  We expected these challenges to come, so we have several plans of action to implement in response to the difficulties.  Class participation tends to drop off toward the end of each semester, so we are working on ways to keep the students motivated.  Although many of them say that they value the emphasis on theology and Bible, they have a hard time setting aside the time to attend the classes and do their homework.

LogoWe ask that you keep this ministry in your prayers.  It was started a little earlier than anticipated because the local ministers asked for it.  And although they have been supportive of it, they cannot obligate their members to attend.  So the challenge now is to promote the institute, and to encourage students to attend faithfully, in order to gain the greatest amount of profit from it.  We are also looking for more teachers.

Iglesia de Cristo Maipo

Iglesia de Cristo 1

Not long ago, we collaborated with some Chilean friends to start a church in our neighborhood.  Jaime and Malli Escobar are a couple with a heart for the Lord and His work.  In the time we have known them (about 6 years), we have seen them plan yearly retreats focused on families, do marital ministry, start a Bible study for non-Christians (they called it Come and See), and now start a church.  We have had the privilege of participating with them in most of these activities, usually with Mike as a teacher.

Starting this church has gone surprisingly well.  It already has a youth group, women’s group, prayer group, and Bible study group, in addition to the Sunday morning services.  It is facing challenges, of course, but we are grateful and happy with its progress so far.

On Sunday the 22nd of July, we had a special service.  Two members, Joana and Nico (mother and son), had asked to be baptized.  Joana got baptized first, and then baptized her son.  Later, they joined us in taking the Lord’s Supper.

La oración te da alas

The women of the church have started a series on prayer, and stay in touch through Whatsapp, encouraging each other to pray every day.

Maipo, by the way, is the name of the province where this church is located (a little like a county in the US).

Life Between Ministries

When we’re not working on our ministries (institute, church, websites, translation), we spend time with our family and our friends.  It’s important not to get lost in the work, and neglect our relationships.

We thank you for your prayers and support, and pray that God blesses you as richly as He has blessed us.

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