Seminario Bíblico Restauración Cristiana



“No one cares about your fancy degree, son.  To them, you’re just a young man pretending he knows more than they do.  If you want to teach, first you have to gain their trust.”  The man leaned back in his chair and eyed Mike skeptically.

It was 2007, we were recently graduated and beginning our fund-raising journey.  We had decided to visit Chile so that I could get to see it before moving here.  We also wanted to meet the director of the Institute that Mike wanted to join, once we made it to Chile.  He was unimpressed with Mike, but decided to give him a chance, once we came as missionaries.

Carlos Villegas house 4

So we considered it all set up.  We came.  And, as things often go, we found upon our arrival that the Institute had stopped functioning from lack of attendance.

From that point on, he made it his goal to start another one.  Remembering the advice given to him, he has patiently worked toward that goal for 7 years– building friendships, earning trust and a reputation, developing material, and finding a place to begin.  He taught classes at churches, and word spread about them.  After a few years, the ministers hosting the classes at their churches began encouraging him to start the Institute.

2017-08-15 (2)

Which brings us to now.  Seminario Bíblico Restauración Cristiana has finished the first semester of the trial run successfully, and is set up to start its second semester of the trial run in September, with four professors, as well as the excellent support of Habacuc Díaz and his media team.  We are so grateful for how well things are going.  We pray things will go well.  We ask for your prayers, as well.  Seminaries are difficult to run and maintain.  Often they start off strong, only to taper off in attendance later.  We hope that this will not be the case, but time will tell.  For now, things are looking good.

Please visit the Seminary’s YouTube page, where you’ll find promotional and educational videos.  You can also visit their Facebook page.  Thank-you for all your support and prayers.

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