June 2011 Newsletter

Hello everyone,


Life in Chile

We are having a good time in Santiago, Chile’s winter now. In the winter we get lows in the 30’s and highs range from 40’s up through 60’s. It is also the rainy season. It isn’t really all that much rain compared to most of the U.S. but more than enough to flood the streets here. Our street seems to be especially susceptible to flooding. We celebrated our anniversary on June 3rd, marking 5 years!


Tabi’s ministry

Our ministries are progressing. Tabi has been hosting a radio program online at Radio Integridad. Her co host will now be forming his own program. Here is the link to listen: (http://www.integridad.com/radiointegridad.php). Tabi’s program airs from 3:30-5:00PM eastern time on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She talks about topics relevant to Christian living and plays music. Some topics have included: Christian service, bullying and respect in debate, church traditions, and family relations. It is an interactive program using a live chat program. Just as a warning, it is in Spanish. Tabi continues to help in the Sunday School class for kids when necessary and helps lead the singing on Sunday mornings. Tabi had been doing a fair bit of translation work, as well.


Mike’s ministry

I, Mike, continue to teach classes from the house, and am working on how to get some good reading material for my students. I’ll be starting the 3rd round of courses in July. In the first round I taught a hermeneutics class for 6 weeks. In the second round I expanded the hermeneutics class to 8 weeks and introduced an 8 week basic doctrine course. In the 3rd round I will introduce a preaching course for those who have successfully completed hermeneutics and doctrine. I had a meeting on June 21st with a young leader from a local church, Darío, and will be helping teach a biblical study on Thursday evenings there. In addition to my teaching ministry outside our congregation, I am also teaching Sunday School, have been named an elder of the church, am helping plan sermon series, am part of the preaching rotation, am proof-checking the sermons of the others who preach, and have a few other responsibilities in the church we attend, Iglesia de Cristo Jesús es el Camino (Jesus is the Way, Church of Christ). It is a great blessing for me to be able to serve in these ways, especially teaching and training. My Spanish continues to improve. I switched over to writing lessons plans and sermons in Spanish (rather than writing in English, then translating) several months ago. At first Tabi had a lot of proof reading to do on each. She doesn’t have to do quite as much now in each document. She does still check all of my documents so I can be sure I am saying what I intend to say.



Tabi and I are planning to be in the US in October and November. We would like to start arranging times to visit with any of you who are interested in October and the first half of November. We will be heading to the National Missionary Convention Nov 16-20 in Atlanta. Please be in prayer for the trip, the visits, and our transportation situation (we sold our cars before coming to Chile). We’ll be trying to get a little more support since we came on about half of our original goal.



Thanks so much to all of you have sacrificed for our sake and for the Kingdom. It is always encouraging to remember that prayers are being offered on our behalf, and we don’t doubt God’s power to respond to our prayers. We wish you all many blessings.

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