April 2011 Newsletter

Greetings to all our friends and family who support us in more ways that we can count! It was brought to our attention recently that we haven’t written a newsletter since December. Much to our surprise, we found this to be true. So much has happened since then that we seem to have lost track of time. Let’s catch up, then, shall we?



Having enjoyed a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s, we got back down to business, Mike continuing to preach and teach Sunday school at church, and Tabi going twice a week to do volunteer work with another missionary, as well as still singing on the music team at church. During this time, Mike also visited a man from our congregation who has cancer, and another girl from church who had to have an emergency gallbladder surgery.


Some special events:

January 22nd, Mike began teaching his first class from home. He decided to make the first course a study of Hermeneutics (how to study the Bible) since, to his thinking, there’s no better place to start with than the Word of God. For 8 weeks after that, five students gathered every Saturday to take the class.


January 28th, Tabi went to a women’s retreat just outside of Santiago. The theme for the week was “Worshiping God in Everything.”




The weather in February was fabulous (albeit excessively warm some days). Mike, as a Sunday school teacher, joined the ranks of church leadership as a voice on the board. In order to fully and carefully address various issues in the church, the leadership board met every week for the entire month of February. Mike also continued to preach.


Some special events:

February 6th, we invited some friends over for the Super Bowl, which was being streamed in Spanish to Chile (minus the commercials, sadly). We made all kinds of fun “traditional” Super Bowl food, like hot wings, chili dogs, and chips & salsa. Of course, we watched the game, too.


February 15th, Tabi went back to Penco to do some work as photographer and sound technician. They did activities for the children every afternoon; singing, playing games, and giving child-friendly classes.


February 27th, we took another trip over to Argentina to renew our Visa.




The temperatures stayed high this month. March was a month of settling into routines, then getting shaken up abruptly into furious activity. Mike continued as occasional preacher and regular Sunday school teacher at church. Tabi began her internet radio show with co-host Luis Almonacid on the Integridad Ministries website. She also stayed on as singer on the music team. At the end of the month, Mike also started up his second round of classes; Hermeneutics on Monday evenings, and Basic Theology on Saturday mornings.


Some special events:

March 11th, we heard about the devastating earthquake in Japan. Our church, having been through a massive earthquake themselves, promptly dedicated themselves to praying for Japan.


March 19th, the church began the process of changing buildings. The new building, however, needed some reconstructive work done on it, so several of the members met at the new place and worked all day to improve the building. This activity was repeated the next Saturday, as well, on March 26th.




April has brought us changes in temperature, as well as many changes around us. The church switched over the new building and has been trying to figure out how best to lay out their chairs, instruments, etc. The music team changed their style from “contemporary” to “acoustic,” switching the drum set out for bongos, the electric and acoustic guitars for one bass guitar, and one of the voices (Tabi’s) for a flute. Mike preached three sermons in a row this month, on top of his giving his classes, Sunday school, and keeping up his regular weekly activities. Tabi and Luis settled into a comfortable routine for their internet radio show, and covered such topics as freedom, bullying, and family.


Some special events:

April 9th, Mike convinced the leaders to have a meeting to restructure the leadership following a Biblical model. After a long meeting and much debate, the group emerged with four elected elders and one deacon. Mike agreed to step in as one of the elders for the duration of one year, after which time he would step down.


April 22nd, the church had a special Good Friday service. Mike preached about how the Jewish festival of Yom Kippur was a festival designed to illustrate the death of Jesus, and what it would accomplish. Tabi dusted off her classical flute-playing skills and played a piece by Bach. And most exciting of all, a girl came up after the sermon, asking to be baptized.


April 24th, Easter Sunday! Always a day to celebrate and remember.



So that’s our time so far in Chile. We’ve been busy and loving it. We pray that things are going well for you, and that God blesses you as much as He has blessed us.



Mike and Tabi Boyce

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