Vacation? No. Blessed time? Yes.

We’ve passed the halfway point of our furlough in the US.  It’s a busy time, full of planning visits, putting material together, redesigning, updating, visting, and presenting.  It is also a time to try to visit with friends and family.

It is worth noting that one of the main reasons we come to the US this time a year, is so that we may attend the ICOM (International Conference on Missions) while we’re here.  This happened last week, and we’d like to take some time to tell you a little bit about this conference.

We arrive on Wednesday, when they have events and workshops tailor-made for missionaries– to encourage and equip.  This year we arrived too late for this, but it has been a blessing in past years.

Thursday kicks off the conference, and as the hall begins to fill with people, the excitement grows.  People of all ages talk to missionaries and their representatives.  Old friends find each other, new friends are made.  Children race down the aisles, stealing candy and freebies from every table.  Clusters of teenagers amble through, joking and taking interest in whatever mission catches their eye.  College students wander the halls, some of them looking for internships.  Friendships begin, projects are broached, and information is traded.

Although it is a big expense for us, we always get a booth.  Tabi sets it up to look and feel as cosy and homey as possible, to welcome people in.

It is a wonderful, busy, tiring time for all of us.  And we love it.

We’d like to encourage you, if you’ve never been to it, to try to attend some year.  There’s LOTS to do, and people to meet, and missions to see.  If you feel like the Kingdom is being crushed under the foot of the World, this is a place to see how strong the Call is, and how hard we are working, and how vast HIS Kingdom is.