Allergies and Vandalism

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It’s that beautiful time of year when everything blooms, the days get warmer, and allergies make everyone miserable!  Why is it particularly bad in Santiago?  Well, because of a tree called Oriental Plane.Atlas_de_poche_des_plantes_des_champs,_des_prairies_et_des_bois_(Page_144)_(6022048467)

It’s a nice-looking tree, fast-growing and shady.  Which is why landscapers decided to plant them all over Santiago.  It’s also highly allergenic.  Wherever these trees are planted, they compose a significant percentage of allergens.  And now they’re blooming.  Our go-to website for checking allergen levels showed the following levels for this week:


So basically, they consider any levels higher than 70 grains per square meter a high level.  And, as you can see, Oriental Plane is at 647 g/m, out of 864 g/m for all tree pollen.  Yes, we are sneezing our heads off right now.


On other news, adding insult to injury, yesterday Mike was driving home from work and some guys vandalized his and other cars.  In his own words:

“Last night on my way home I was waiting at a traffic light, in the left turn lane, when a car flew by in the median with a guy hanging out the window with some piece of metal scraping all the cars in the turn lane…”

So now we have a long scratch on our car.  The good news is that it wasn’t worse.  Still, it’s unpleasant, and we hope these young guys learn some respect for others.