Newsletter Delays

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A picture of me and my adorable baby’s huge eyes.  Just because.


I am writing this as part apology and part imploration for patience.

About a year ago, I switched newsletter carriers.  Besides sending all emails to people’s Social or Spam folders, it seemed like a pretty good service.  Easy to use designs, and once the settings were programmed, easy to send out.

Then we hit a snag.  They let me know that they wouldn’t be accepting our gmail email anymore.  So we payed for a website and created our own, personalized email associated with the website (  That worked for a few months.

Then they notified me of another change.  In order to send out the newsletters, I now had to authenticate our email.  They have a page that explains how to do it.  But I must confess that, though I’ve tried to follow the directions, I’ve been completely unable to authenticate the email.  I’ve spent the last three months returning to the website to try again periodically.  I never do it right.  And until I can fix it, I can’t send the newsletters I’ve designed.

Now, I have a few options available.

  1. Switch carriers again.  I don’t really want to go through that process again.  It took a lot of work to change the first time, and the other ones I tested didn’t have quite so nice a look.
  2. Find someone who knows this kind of stuff to help me authenticate the email.  This is a good option, but I haven’t found anyone with the time to do it yet.  If you’re reading this and have the time to walk me through it, let me know.
  3. Keep trying until I do it!  This is the option I’ve decided to pursue so far.  Hasn’t gone so well.

So, in lieu of a very-delayed newsletter, I’m posting an update on our blog.  I hope to resolve this issue soon.  Until then, thank-you for your patience.

In Him,

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