A time to wait, and wait . . . and wait

Written by: Mike



Well, after having my car vandalized the other day, I decided to go file a police report in case they happened to find the guys. So, I looked up online the police station nearest to where the incident took place. I wrote up a summary the same night to make sure to have all the details I could remember written down in an orderly fashion.


So, Wednesday afternoon, after working on sermons and lesson plans a while, I went to the police station. I asked about filing a report and was told to take a number. I got 99. The screen showed they were on 92. Not too bad. Until I figured out there was only one desk attending the public. After about half an hour, the officer at the desk called 92. Two people went up to say that they had been skipped.

I stepped outside and was chatting with another officer. He informed me that they take between an hour and an hour and a half per report. Doing the math, I decided to give up. They told me that the best time to come in is between midnight and 6AM. Sure… I bet it is. But, another option, he told me, was to go to another station in a less busy part of town.

The next day I went to another station. After waiting a while an officer asked me what I was there for. When he heard that it was for a case of vandalism and that I would not be able to identify the culprits I was told not to waste time filing a report. Nothing would be done for such a common, insignificant crime, so there was really no point. So, I wasted several hours over two days in trips to and from police stations and waiting in line to accomplish absolutely nothing.


That’s how life goes sometimes, I suppose. Now, I’m off to waste time with the insurance company.

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