New Layout, New Focus

By: Tabi


There is a park near where we live that has focused on building games that are stimulating and fun for children.  Many are also designed for the use of children with disabilities.  The mesh you see in front of Mike and Lydia is covering up their most recent construction project: water games that are also accessible to children with disabilities.  We are very happy to live near a park that makes this kind of effort to be inclusive.  Once in a while, we head over on a sunny day and let Lydia play.

Since we rarely ever use this blog anymore, I decided to give it a new layout and a new focus.  I will now try to update this with photos and a little bit of information, focusing primarily on culture and our interaction with it, as missionaries.  Here’s to keeping it updated successfully!

~ Tabi ~

The same park also has a duck pond.  Lydia very much enjoys watching them swim around, and feeding them oatmeal and seeds.

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