July 2014 Newsletter

Hi everyone!  Tabi here.

The weather:

We’re moving into winter here in Chile, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t beautiful days!  In fact, today as I write this newsletter, I look out my window at a sunny day with minimum smog (who could ask for more?).  Santiago also has the ability to produce spectacular sunsets.  Just one more reason I love living here.

Softly drops the crimson sun:   Softly down from overhead, Drop the bell-notes, one by one,   Melting in the melting red;
Softly drops the crimson sun:
Softly down from overhead,
Drop the bell-notes, one by one,
Melting in the melting red;
~ Susan Coolidge ~

Also, winter means rain.  And rain meansSnow covered mountains that for a couple of days, at least, the air is clear and you can see the majestic mountains surrounding the city.  Rain also means that your view of the mountains changes from many shades of purple and blue to varying shades of blue and white.  The snow-covered mountains look larger than life and are simply breath-taking.

The usual:

So what have we been up to?  Well mostly the same things.

Mike– Mike continues his ministry of teaching in churches.  For now, there’s only one class meeting, but he is working toward starting up others for next semester.  I go with him, some weeks, to his class to listen in.  It’s exciting to me to watch people listening to what he teaches, and actively participate, ask questions, and comment.  Even if they might not always agree (some long-held beliefs are hard to let go of), they are always eager to learn.  Mike also has continued his radio ministry, writing a one-hour show every week, dealing with varying subjects like evangelism, the church in the Bible, baptism, and why bad things happen to good people.  He also continues to minister as an elder of the church where we attend.

Tabi– I have also continued writing a one-hour show once a week for the radio.  Some weeks we go in and record it live, while other weeks we record it ahead of time here at home on my own equipment and send it in.  Right now, I’m working on writing a series that goes through the book of Mark, looking at it from a story-teller’s perspective.  I’ve had quite a lot of fun with it.  I’ve also started working on translating a book.  I’ll say this much: it’s theology, and the book is big (over 400 pages).   I’m not tackling this project alone, which is probably a good thing.  Mike helps me out when I’m not sure about the best translation, as well as proofreading my work.  I also have a Spanish-speaking friend reviewing it to make sure I don’t fall into any translator “ruts”.  I continue to work with my friend, Dany Vera, toward our goal of setting up a Christian coffee shop here in Santiago.  I will probably dedicate a blog to this in the future, once we have nailed down more details.

The news:

Technology news and blues— I got a new camcorder!  It’s a beauty and I’m very excited to have it.  For a long time, I couldn’t get the videos off the card because my computer wasn’t working.  When I finally got my computer working, I downloaded the videos and, a few weeks later, my external hard drive (where I had everything temporarily stored until I was sure I could safely back it up on the computer) stopped working.  Now I’m stuck again.  So, until I get things in order, there’s probably no chance of getting the videos from those early days.

Transportation news— As many of you know, we have relied on public transportation for getting around Chile now for four years.  Travel was getting increasingly difficult for Mike to get to his classes.  Sometimes he would spend 2 hours of travelling each way to get to one class.  We would try to combine trips, in order to best use our time, but we knew that eventually we would need a car.  Our sending church, Cornerstone Christian Church in Alliance, Ohio, began a fund-raiser for us, and raised the money we needed to get a car.  After several months of car shopping, we finally settled on one and began the process of buying it.  On July 3rd, having made a down-payment, they let us bring it home.  The paperwork (as per bureaucratic efficiency) took a while to finish processing.  So . . . we are excited to announce that as of July 15th 2014, we officially have a car.

New car

We opted for an SUV-style car, which would be able to take us wherever we needed to go, whether it be city or country roads.  We are very grateful to all who donated to help make this possible.  It is clear to us that this car is not ours, but God’s, and we have decided to dedicate it to that service.  In the two weeks we’ve had it, we’ve offered rides to church members who don’t have a car.  We also drove an adorable passenger to her home.  Aww.

Rachel and newborn daughter, Josefina
Rachel and newborn daughter, Josefina

We know it is both a blessing and a responsibility to have a car, so in this letter we express both our gratitude and assurance that we will do our best to use this car wisely.

Furlough news–  And finally, we would like to announce/remind all of our supporters that this year will be in the USA on furlough.  We will be arriving at the end of September and returning to Chile in January.  We plan to go to the ICOM (International Conference on Missions).  I will be contacting our supporting churches within the next few weeks with a schedule of our time there, so that we can establish a day to visit.  We’re very excited about going back and seeing all of you!  Please feel free to contact us with any questions.  I will leave all contact information at the end of this newsletter.


Prayer requests:

  • Our church is going through a transition period, moving out of the building we have been renting for a couple of years.  We pray for wisdom during this time and positive attitudes all around.
  • That we will be able to use our car wisely.  Sometimes, it’s still a better idea to take public transportation.
  • That Mike’s ministry will continue to grow and the interest for learning about the Bible will also increase.
  • For the future coffee shop and everything that will entail.

Contact information:

  • Email:     our.boycemail@gmail.com
  • Website:  Click Here
  • Facebook:  Click Here
  • Also, if you have Facebook, feel free to add Tabi as a friend.  She likes to post LOTS of photos.

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