March 2012 Newsletter

Summer is coming to an end here in Chile. We are enjoying some cooler temperatures now with highs only in the 80’s and lows in the 50’s. We still have no clouds most days. Kids go back to school at the beginning of March, following their summer vacations and church attendance picks up as family vacations are mainly over. For me, this has meant resuming my classes. It looks like I will have 4 groups going through courses. Three of them will be doing basic doctrine and I will be writing a new course for the other group. The largest group has 12 people signed up. The second group will have around 6 people. The third group is just forming, so the size is unknown. The group getting a new course will have 3-4 people. It is the group that has gone through my other three courses and is eager to proceed. I am very happy to see the courses moving forward in this way. The Lord is seems to be blessing this work a lot. My other ministry activities have continued. I continue as an elder of the local church. The elders rotate preaching and teaching. My main role in the eldership is coordinating the preaching and teaching, developing sermon series and Sunday School classes. I revise the sermons when the others preach to give tips and suggestions, as well. Tabi and I participate in home group and are hoping to start planning some activities with the church’s young adults.

Tabi’s work has faced a setback. The website that hosts the radio where Tabi does her program was hacked and started distributing malware. The missionaries that run the site were forced to take it offline. They have decided to go ahead and use this opportunity to modernize the site before going back online. They expect to start the radio program again in May, Lord willing. Tabi will be helping on some church projects in the meantime and we’ll see what else God may have in store for her. One great thing in store for her (us) is that her mother will be arriving to spend a fortnight with us!

Overall things are going well here. We hired a real estate agent to help us find office rental space. I am hoping to be able to use it for my classes, make better use of the space in our home, and hopefully to enhance my productivity. We are looking at various options including places that might serve as a home and office, might be adequate to share with the local church, etc. We are asking the Lord for wisdom in considering locations, price considerations, and so forth. Our first application for residency was not accepted on a technicality. This is not uncommon. A local church with experience with these matters (and where I am teaching one of my courses) has graciously offered to help us in this. We are grateful for pretty good health (besides some minor colds and such). We are grateful for the good friends we have here and the many opportunities we have to minister. We are also grateful for the thoughts and prayers of all of our friends and family in the USA. Thank you for all your support, and prayers, and Facebook messages, and emails.

We meet for prayer with other independent missionaries (Jack Swanson and the Fought family) weekly. If any of you have things you would like us to be in prayer for privately or in this prayer group, please let us know.

Prayer Requests
· Radio station progress
· Office hunt
· Spiritual growth and ministry effectiveness
· Wisdom in a whole host of matters

Mike and Tabi Boyce
Cornerstone Chilean Mission

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