Post-Earthquake Update

Greetings all,

First, thank you all for prayers, emails,Facebook messages, and phone calls. We really do appreciate your concern. God has brought us through the earthquake with no damage. Not a scratch or bruise! Our apartment doesn’t have any problems either. It was a little scary while it was happening.
Immediately after the earthquake we went around checking on neighbors. Once we found out that they were physically ok, we spent several hours outside with them, conversing and praying.
We apologize for taking a while to be able to communicate. Unfortunately, we lost electricity, phone, internet and water. We now have electricity and water. We are right now at the house of the Swansons (where the phone and internet have been restored, but not electricity). So, we are taking the opportunity to call family and send out emails.
The epicenter was near Concepcion, Chile (a few hours south of us). The damage there is astounding. There is quite a bit of damage around Santiago as well. Not nearly as bad as the south, though. Our neighborhood seems to have minor damage only. So far, all of our friends that we have been able to contact are fine. Many are worried about loved ones in the areas more severely effected. Communication within Chile is limited.
We are trying to figure out how to help those in the areas with more damage. We will probably be travelling south later, to try to help.
– Praise for God’s protection for us, and our friends
– Prayer for those in areas badly effected
– Prayer that we can be good servants for Christ, bringing help and hope
– Prayer for protection for looters and the like (there is a bit of disorder now, including here in Santiago)
– Prayer that people will turn to God in the crisis
We’ll try to be in further contact later. For now we just wanted to get a quick email out letting you all know that we are ok and thanking you for your prayers.
Mike & Tabi Boyce

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